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Upcoming prime international trade exhibitions on : Automotives & Spare Parts, Building & Construction, Food & Agriculture Hospitality, Industrial Products & Machinery, Consumer & Household, Beauty, Medical & Health Care, Mining, Plastics, Printing & Packaging, IT, Electronics & Satellite Products ,Interiors, Furniture & Lighting, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Wood etc.

Latest News

Construction of Koysha hydropower dam in Ethiopia 39% complete
The construction of 2,160MW Koysha hydropower dam in Ethiopia is 39 per cent complete. The dam is the fourth hydropower project under construction on Omo River.Dr Seleshi Bekele, Minister of Water,. . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 20th October 2020
Lighting Africa an Expansion to Ethiopia and Tanzania
The large number of households in Sub-Saharan Africa relies on costly, inefficient and hazardous fossil-fuel based lighting, and buying the kerosene for lamps can consume up to 30% of total family. . .Read more »
Posted on : Monday , 19th October 2020
China-Africa cooperation continues to flourish as FOCAC marks 20th anniversary
At the turn of the 21st century, China and Africa established what would become one of the world's most vibrant and successful multilateral platforms for international cooperation - the Forum on. . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 15th October 2020
Government Chemist Department To Start A Branch In Marsabit, Kenya
The government has finalized plans to set up a central chemical testing laboratory in Marsabit County to serve the northern region. Government chemist Ali Gakweli said preparations for the. . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 13th October 2020
The Advantage Kraft White Print paper enters packaging in Kenya
Dune Packaging is a manufacturer of rigid plastics has collaborated with Mondi to produce quality packaging for food items for the consumers, like grain, maize and flour using Advantage Kraft White. . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 8th October 2020
PETCO Ethiopia new solution for plastic bottles
Recycling is a fundamental structure resulting in solving pollution to a great extent in the environment, also meaning supervising waste management. Recycling helps in maintaining cleanliness by. . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 8th October 2020
Future Boost for Domestic Automobile Assemblers in Ethiopia
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's leadership said to take unprecedented measures in formulating conducive business climate for automotive industry thereby enhancing the capacity of domestic car assembling. . .Read more »
Posted on : Wednesday , 7th October 2020
Electronic manufacturer Anker Innovation set to launch in Kenya
Anker Innovation Technology Co. Ltd, a manufacturer of electronic products, has announced that they have picked Kenya as its launch pad in the East African market.They intend to tap into Kenya's. . .Read more »
Posted on : Wednesday , 7th October 2020
Over 400,000 Rwandan Homes To Benefit From Subsidised Solar Systems
The Government of Rwanda through BRD in alliance with the World Bank, and Swedish International cooperation agency SIDA ,have recently launched a subsidy window and Guarantee framework to offer. . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 6th October 2020
Smart solar-powered water desalination system connected in Kenya
GivePower, a non-profit organisation providing solar energy and clean, affordable water, has positioned a seawater desalination system at Likoni in Mombassa County in eastern Kenya.Powered entirely. . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 6th October 2020

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